Silkcoin is a POS-POW hybrid with 4 phases. There will be a maximum of 100 million coins generated throught POS during two stages, difficulty retargets every block.

Why Silkcoin?

Silkcoin aspires to integrate all the best functions available, in order to achieve this we will rely on the community to give us the priority on developments; We have a team of full-time devs ready to improve the code, what they’ll be working on will be YOUR choice get involved via the polls and the main bitcointalk.org topic. Silkcoin differentiate itself from the other coins with an unique advanced fully featured wallet, a new distribution system with 2 POW stages to ensure that everyone has a chance to get some coins and our team of qualified developers.

Speed & Security
All the lastest security patches including hearthbleed exploit coded in the wallet, and with 1 minute block time Silkcoin tansactions are way faster than bitcoin and most currencies.

Graphic Design & Advanced Features
A beautiful unique gui featuring quick access to exchanges, pools, block explorer, statistics, coin control, reserve balance. Never use the debug or command lines again!

Built-in functions
Just take a look at the wallet in the next section to discover all the functions Silkcoin already integrates

There is a full time dev team on this coin, they are willing to integrate any feature the community wants. And Silkcoin IS a community coin, polls will be held to decide of the future of our coin.

Proof of Stake & Phases
Coins will be distributed via 2 POW phases separated by one month before going full POS solving many of the proof of work coins issues.

All the lastest security patches are in Silkcoin, including the lastest Heartbleed bug found in SSL.